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The Parable of the Ducks

What can a few mallard ducks teach us about our relationship with Jesus Christ? When our family found some ducks that decided that they love our yard, I didn't think they would teach me anything…let alone what a powerful lesson about our Savior.

Ep. 41 – The Paradise We Make

Shaun Barrowes is an Emmy nominated composer and musician who has played with Imagine Dragons and competed on American Idol. I met him when he was the pianist in primary when I was the Primary President. Seriously, our primary was the happening place to be!! It was like having our own Billy Joel in the primary every Sunday. Well, he has now taken his creative talents into the realm of writing and it’s a perfect fit. As the author of The Paradise Planet book series, he has taken world building to new levels. In this episode we talk about the inspiration behind this series, the world building aspect of writing and composing the score, and the hand the Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost have played in making this project come to fruition. Run, don’t walk, to get the audio book-you can get a physical copy, but I highly recommend the audio. Thank me later!

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