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The Parable of the Ducks

What can a few mallard ducks teach us about our relationship with Jesus Christ? When our family found some ducks that decided that they love our yard, I didn't think they would teach me anything…let alone what a powerful lesson about our Savior.

Ep. 7 Part Two – Beautiful, Crazy & Necessary

There are reasons that there are two parts to this interview with Toni Ragsdale. Reason 1, people really like the shorter episodes and I know that interviews will end up being longer, so why not just give the listeners two episodes? 1 a little bit longer and 1 a little bit shorter.  Reason 2, Toni had amazing stories to share and I didn’t want to cut too much content. So two episodes this week!

If you are inspired by Toni Ragsdale and the Fill the Pot ministry, I invite you to visit their website and find out how you can help! I promise you won’t regret the experience!

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