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The Parable of the Ducks

What can a few mallard ducks teach us about our relationship with Jesus Christ? When our family found some ducks that decided that they love our yard, I didn't think they would teach me anything…let alone what a powerful lesson about our Savior.

Ep. 54 – Never Enough

Graphic of river with text overlay: "September 28, 2023 - Never Enough"

I never feel like I have enough…never enough sleep, never enough knowledge, money, food, willpower, friends, resources. I always feel like I’m lacking. And it’s hard to get through life knowing that you need to do so much and be so much and get so much done when you don’t have enough of what you need. But when the Savior fed the 5000, I think He taught us an important lesson about what He is able to do with limited resource, especially when we put our faith in Him.

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