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The Parable of the Ducks

What can a few mallard ducks teach us about our relationship with Jesus Christ? When our family found some ducks that decided that they love our yard, I didn't think they would teach me anything…let alone what a powerful lesson about our Savior.

Ep. 55 – Unmet Expectations

Woman in jacket holding a large fish

I have noticed, that when my expectations are unrealistic, I end up in a rigid box that cuts me off from guidance and inspiration. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are ready and willing to give us the experiences that we need, but when our expectations are not where they should be, it becomes really hard for them to teach us and help us. Not to mention the disappointment that we might feel when things don’t go exactly like we had hoped. But if we have realistic expectations we can align our priorities and focus on the things that matter most!

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